Many new opportunities and risks lie ahead in the 21st century’s industrial society. Since 2007, when CM TECH Co., LTD. was founded, we have been manufacturing high-quality industrial tubes such as stainless steel tubes and pre-insulated tubes (PIT). To better provide you with higher quality and improved products and to give you a total solution for quality tubes, we are constantly working on improving our technology and are investing in more equipment.

Fueled by motivating remarks from many companies and to better serve the customer in a successful and futuristic manner, our employees will unite and deliver the following promises. CM Tech will earn more respected. We will position ourselves as a social company. We will not only put an emphasis on international affiliation development but also make a high effort to develop independent solutions as well.

We sincerely hope for your patronage through our website. We hope to be your successful partner in business in this ever-changing society and we seek for a successful alliance.