Ashcroft 12DDG/15DDG Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 12DDG/15DDG direct drive gauges are an economical solution for measuring pressures within very limited space installations. Incorporating direct drive technology, these models are virtually unaffected by shock and vibration. Ideal products for many industrial equipment installations.

Key Features:
  • Sealed case provides dust-proof, weather / corrosion-resistant product
  • Direct Drive Technology
  • Silicone-dampened coil (option) resists vibration effects
  • Easy installation using wrench flats
  • Accuracy:
    Standard model: ±2% at setpoint; ±5% to 8% at either end
    UL listed model: ±3.5% of span in middle 3/5ths of scale
  • Pressure Ranges: 60 to 4,000 psi
  • Dial size: 1 1/4" (12DDG) / 1 1/2" (15DDG); stainless steel case
  • Beryllium copper tube/brass socket
  • Back connection only

The 12DDG/15DDG direct drive gauges are ideal where reliable pressure measurement is essential:

Industrial Market:
  • Air Inflators / Compressors
  • Specialized OEM Equipment
  • Industrial and Specialty Gases
  • Breathing Apparatus

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