Ashcroft AVC 1000 and AVC 3000 Pressure Volume Controller

The Ashcroft® AVC-1000 and AVC-3000 pressure volume controllers provide a means to precisely set pressures within a closed pneumatic system. Providing quick-and-easy operation, models are paired with test gauges, creating a reliable standard for calibration and test purposes.

Key Features:

  • Mechanical rotation is directly proportional to volume change due to piston travel
  • Integral balance valve equalizes pressure and acts as pressure-relief valve
  • Do not require compressed air source


  • Resolution:
    Type AVC-1000: 0.00025
    Type AVC-3000: 0.0005
  • Mechanical rotation: 
    Type AVC-1000: 31
    Type AVC-3000: 61
  • Pressure Ranges:
    Type AVC-1000: Vacuum to 1,000 psi
    Type AVC-3000: Vacuum to 3,000 psi


The AVC-1000 and AVC-3000 pressure volume controllers provides precision on applications: 

Industrial Market:                                                 

  • Test and Measurement
  • Calibration Laboratories

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