Ashcroft AXLdp Low Differential Pressure Transducer

The AXLdp is perfect for OEM systems that require an ultra-low differential pressure sensor that can be PC Board mounted. With the exclusive Ashcroft Si-Glas™variable capacitance sensor, the budget-friendly AXLdp delivers highly sensitive and repeatable pressure measurements and provides exceptional long term stability.

Key Features:

  • UL94-V0 rated PBT case
  • Calibrated ratiometric output
  • Low voltage power requirements
  • Through holes allow for easy mounting to PCBs 


  • Accuracy: ±1% or ±2%  span
  • Differential Pressure Ranges:
    Unidirectional: 0.20 I.W.C. to 20.00 I.W.C.
    Bidirectional: ±0.10 I.W.C. to ±10.00 I.W.C. 
  • Mounting: Circuit board mountable
  • Output signal:  Analog ratiometric output (0.5 to 4.5 VDC when powered with 5 VDC)


The AXLdp is ideal for OEM PC board mounted systems requiring sensitivity and repeatability:  

  • Flow measurement
  • Room monitoring
  • Energy management
  • HVAC and VAV  

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